Welcome to the inaugural annual Edmond 5K Run. The goal of the Run is to build an active and healthy community while fundraising for and creating awareness about the plight of children in Africa. As we run, it is important to remember that global poverty kills one child every three seconds.

Come early and you can register on-site for the run.

About Mr. Clyde

My name is Clyde F. Partin, a lay Christian missionary. Read more

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2014 Edmond 5k Run Results

2014 Edmond 5k Run Results http://www.edmondrun.org/results/
Thank you for participating and supporting the just concluded 2014 Edmond 5k Run. Your participation and support is making the Edmond City community a healthier and active community. You support is also making a difference in the real lives of needy kids in Africa. We look forward to see you at the 2015 run. We accept donations all year round and the donations are tax-deductible. Donate today to make a great difference in the lives of needy kids.

Run Location

If your looking for your race times/result it will be on the scroll-down menu on the race


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